Travel Hints & Tips

Across New South Wales a network of Visitor Centres provides up-to-date information on attractions, accommodation, dining and touring suggestions. The new sign (pictured left) will be your guarantee of the highest possible levels of service and reliable information.
  • It may be possible to take your pet with you on holidays as legislation has recently changed regarding companion animals. Check with your accommodation provider.

  • Remember you cannot take pets into National Parks.

  • Please remember: carelessly disposed or tossed cigarette butts and matches can cause bushfires, consequently possible loss of property and even loss of lives.

  • If you have a car that operates on gas and are planning a trip, check out our maps for the location of outlets supplying auto gas.

  • Detailed information on State Forest areas can be obtained from Forestry Offices in regional areas.

  • Beware of travelling in forest areas after wind storms as trees often fall across roads preventing passage. This can be a problem if you haven't got enough fuel to retrace your route.

  • Stop-Revive-Survive every 2 hours, you will find picnic areas marked on Cartoscope Maps.

  • If you carry snow chains they may be of assistance when getting through boggy areas or rough terrain.

  • Boat ramps are marked on our maps.

  • If you need information on latest road conditions etc, check with Visitor Information Centres (marked on our maps).

  • If you come across an echidna crossing the road, move it off the road if safe for you to do so. Do not take it away from the immediate area, it may be feeding young located nearby.

  • Animal rescue groups are sponsored by Cartoscope on our maps. If you find a native animal injured ring the number indicated in their advertisement.

  What Travellers say about our maps/guides

"...We have used your maps continually and found them to be a wonderful source of local information. We have sent for maps by post before and have found the service very helpful we hope you received our payments for the maps in the post. Keep up the good work..." M. Essex, (via email)

"...Found your maps at info centre last year in northern NSW. They are the best info available to tourists in Aussie..." O. Blakeborough, (via email)

"...You supply an excellent service, I find the maps to have excellent information. I will be recommending your services to everyone..." K. Tinson, Woodrising

"...I am an enthusiastic user of your maps and cannot see how you can improve. It is a great way for promoting local businesses and we do then use them..." K. Easton, (via email)

"...An invaluable source of information that we always depend on when travelling. The only way I can see to improve your products would be to have more areas covered to the same high standard..." G. Cracknell, (via email)

"...I think these maps are an invaluable resource as other mapping companies fail to include detail that is provided on each of your maps. I would love to see a publication with all the maps included in one book as I would have no second thoughts about buying your prodcuct..." A. Gouskos, (via email)

"...I have used your maps of the Great Lakes area and Coffs and found them excellent and very informative as a caravaning tourist. Easy to read and not big cumbersome things in the front seat. Most places highlighted proved to be worth a look..." R. Holland, (via email)

"...Your Cartoscope tourist maps are great. They are not only clear maps, but they also provide a handy reference of services and businesses in the area that one might want to use while visiting. Keep it up..." C. Ansted, (via email)

"...First of all, congratulations on the maps you publish. I recommend them to all my friends who are travelling. I find them excellent and they are the first thing I look for in information centres/service stations when I am travelling in a new area. The street maps of the towns are most helpful..." N.Cassidy, Dapto

"...I've just been to South Coast and back for a quick weekend away. Your Shoalhaven map, as far as I can ascertain, is better than any other map in terms of clarity and ease of use..." Y. Aso (via email)

"...I discovered your maps in Kiama's information centre, and since then, they were my unseparable companions during my trip along the NSW coast...They had everything I needed, lookout points, pic-nic areas, forest roads, walking tracks, and many other extremely interesting details for a foreign tourist I was. Thank you very much for your help..." O. Elias (via email)

"...We travel alot and found your maps clear, informative and easy to use while travelling. The advertisers got our trade too..."
K. O'Donnell (via email)

"...I picked up my first copy of the Cartoscope map of the south coast from a tourist information centre and found the map extremely easy to use and very informative and I wished I had a copy of the map before staring the trip. I found it easy to plan my itinerary and the routes to take just from the map itself..."
Y. Ong, Cherrybrook

"...Firstly, I want to tell you all that, as an avid collector of maps (especially tour maps and guides) from many countries, I consider that your Map is the best that I have ever seen. I really mean this - I just cannot fault it. We have just returned from the Sapphire Coast and I claim to know that area fairly well (a thirty year exploration of it) and that is where we came across your new production. Your all deserve the highest praise..."
P. Madden, Maffra

"...We have had the pleasure of using your maps for some years now, and feel that they are the best available and show far more detail and information than other maps on the market, including those that cost quite a lot..." B. Start, Weetangera

"...Earlier this year while touring the South Coast of NSW I came across your excellent tourist maps. I say excellent because they gave what I feel tourists want and need: clear precise district maps, detailed town maps and all the attractions. Advertisers I feel would be proud of the result. Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Eurobodalla provided it all and were our constant reference for where to go, what to see and do.
I am hoping I will find more of these for other areas..." D. Parker, Griffith

"...I am writing to you regarding the design of the Sapphire Coast Touring Map which your company produces. I believe that praise should be given where it is due, and it certainly is due in the case of this map. From the clear but detailed overview of the area, to the enlarged maps of all the major towns, the attention to detail certainly made a difference to my holiday in the Sapphire Coast region, making the various sites of interest (be it a motel to stay in, or a tourist attraction to see) easy to find. Well done to all those involved in producing the map and keep up the good work!..." C. Pavlidis (via email)

"...My wife & I have just enjoyed a wonderful trip up & down the coastal strip of NSW with our caravan. We made use of several of your excellent maps to guide us on our wanderings. Every Information place gave us yet another of your fine regional maps. Thank you for the fine presentation, bright colours & useful commercial content. We found the maps invaluable..." J. Horchner, Beachmere

"...We had the pleasure of spending some time in Australia for 1 week travelling in a campervan from Sydney to Brisbane. During an overnight stay on a caravan park in Harrington the most friendly owner offered us a brochure which I can best describe as:
1st edition 1999-2000 "Pacific Coast Touring Route" covering Sydney to Brisbane/Fraser Coast. This brochure appeared to be most handy and usefull containing all sorts of information on caravan parks, petrol stations, strip maps etc etc etc.
We were highly impressed by the contents and lay-out..." J. Loendersloot (via email)